Collie Speciality Show

Finnish Collie Association’s Speciality Show 2.7.2016


Welcome to speciality show for smooth and rough collies.
Also puppies (5-7m & 7-9m) and progeny class.

Location: Vihtavuori sport ground, Lammasmäenkuja 2 , 41330 Vihtavuori (Laukaa).

Judging will begin at 10.00.

 – Show Schedules (pdf, updated 15.6.)



rough collie dogs Steve Barrett, Brooklynson, UK (BOB-progeny group, BOB-puppy)
rough collie bitches Lisa Pettitt, Lakebank, UK (BOB-breeder, BOB, BOB-veteran)

smooth collie dogs Bev White, Maneric, UK (BOB-breeder’s group, BOB-puppy)
smooth collie bitches Alan Jones, Van-glenalan, IT (BOB-progeny group, BOB, BOB-veteran)


BIS-puppy Alan Jones
BIS-veteran Bev White
BIS-breeder’s group Alan Jones
BIS-progeny group Lisa Pettitt
BIS Steve Barrett


Send your entry at latest 9.6.2016 to address:
SCY ER 2016
Sahatie 3
01650 Vantaa

or use online-entry at www.koiranayttelyt.com

Note! The entry fee will be paid during online-entry with credit card, don’t make payment before. You will have a confirmation email sent by online system after successful entry.
If you don’t get email then please contact PawDium for more information.

Entry fees before 9.6.2016
first dog 30 €, second and so on dog’s of the same owner 20 € 
puppies and veterans 25 €
over 10 year old veterans to veteran class, free

Account to payments when entry is sent by post:
IBAN FI21 5190 0520 0410 04

Please note! The copy or receipt of the payment where payment information can be checked, must be enclosed with the entry forms. Entry forms without a copy of the receipt attached will be returned.
To enter in champion class a championship certificate is needed.  If mentioned certificate are missing, the dog will be automatically entered in ”Open Class”.

Inquiries concerning entries:
PawDium, e-mail: info@pawdium.fi or tel. +358 40 1487780 (in English & på svenska) weekdays 12-18

Other information:
Satu Havukainen +358 40 540 7066, e-mail: satu.havukainen@hawkfields.com
also in english & på svenska.

Information about vaccinations and regulations